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#include <cusp/krylov/cg.h>
#include <iostream>
struct custom_amg_policy : thrust::device_execution_policy<custom_amg_policy> {};
// Use evolution strength measure
template <typename MatrixType1, typename MatrixType2, typename SALevelType>
void strength_of_connection(custom_amg_policy, const MatrixType1& A, MatrixType2& S, SALevelType& level)
std::cout << "Calling my strength" << std::endl;
cusp::precond::aggregation::evolution_strength_of_connection(A, S, level.B);
// Always use standard aggregation
template <typename MatrixType, typename ArrayType>
void aggregate(custom_amg_policy, const MatrixType& C, ArrayType& aggregates, ArrayType& roots)
std::cout << "Calling my aggregation" << std::endl;
cusp::precond::aggregation::standard_aggregate(C, aggregates, roots);
// Use default fit_candidates
template <typename ArrayType1, typename ArrayType2, typename MatrixType, typename ArrayType3>
void fit_candidates(custom_amg_policy, const ArrayType1& aggregates, const ArrayType2& B, MatrixType& Q, ArrayType3& R)
std::cout << "Calling my tentative constructor" << std::endl;
cusp::precond::aggregation::fit_candidates(aggregates, B, Q, R);
// Use default prolongator smoother
template <typename MatrixType1, typename MatrixType2, typename MatrixType3, typename ValueType>
void smooth_prolongator(custom_amg_policy, const MatrixType1& S, const MatrixType2& T, MatrixType3& P,
const ValueType rho_Dinv_S, const ValueType omega)
std::cout << "Calling my tentative smoother" << std::endl;
cusp::precond::aggregation::smooth_prolongator(S, T, P, rho_Dinv_S, omega);
// Use default Galerkin product to form coarse grid
template <typename MatrixType1, typename MatrixType2, typename MatrixType3>
void galerkin_product(custom_amg_policy, const MatrixType1& R, const MatrixType2& A, const MatrixType1& P, MatrixType3& RAP)
std::cout << "Calling my Galerkin product\n" << std::endl;
cusp::precond::aggregation::galerkin_product(R, A, P, RAP);
int main(void)
typedef int IndexType;
typedef float ValueType;
typedef cusp::device_memory MemorySpace;
// create an empty sparse matrix structure
// create 2D Poisson problem
cusp::gallery::diffusion<cusp::gallery::FE>(A, 256, 256);
cusp::monitor<ValueType> monitor(b, 1000, 1e-6);
// solve with customized smoothed aggregation algebraic multigrid preconditioner
std::cout << "\nSolving with customized smoothed aggregation preconditioner..." << std::endl;
// allocate storage for solution (x)
// setup preconditioner
// instantiate instance of my custom AMG policy
custom_amg_policy exec;
// initialize construction using custom policy to control inner routines
M.initialize(exec, A);
// solve
cusp::krylov::cg(A, x, b, monitor, M);
// report status
// print hierarchy information
std::cout << "\nPreconditioner statistics" << std::endl;
return 0;