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File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
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 |\*blas.hBLAS-like functions
 |o*arnoldi.hArnoldi method
 |o*lanczos.hLanczos method
 |o*lobpcg.hLOBPCG method
 |\*spectral_radius.hVarious methods to compute spectral radius
 |o*diffusion.hAnisotropic diffusion matrix generators
 |o*grid.hGrid matrix generators
 |o*poisson.hPoisson matrix generators
 |\*random.hRandom matrix generators
 |o*breadth_first_search.hBreadth-first traversal of a graph
 |o*connected_components.hCompute the connected components of a graph
 |o*hilbert_curve.hCluster points using a Hilbert space filling curve
 |o*maximal_independent_set.hMaximal independent set of a graph
 |o*pseudo_peripheral.hPseduo peripheral vertex of a graph
 |o*symmetric_rcm.hReverse Cuthill-Mckee of a sparse matrix
 |\*vertex_coloring.hBreadth-first traversal of a graph
 |o*binary.hBinary file I/O
 |o*dimacs.hDimacs file I/O
 |\*matrix_market.hMatrixMarket file I/O
 |o*join_iterator.hAn iterator which concatenates two separate iterators
 |o*random_iterator.hAn iterator which generates random entries
 |\*strided_iterator.hAn iterator which returns strided access to array entries
 |o*bicg.hBiconjugate Gradient (BiCG) method
 |o*bicgstab.hBiconjugate Gradient Stabilized (BiCGstab) method
 |o*bicgstab_m.hMulti-mass Biconjugate Gradient stabilized (BiCGstab-M) method
 |o*cg.hConjugate Gradient (CG) method
 |o*cg_m.hMulti-mass Conjugate Gradient (CG-M) method
 |o*cr.hConjugate Residual (CR) method
 |\*gmres.hGeneralized Minimum Residual (GMRES) method
 |\*lapack.hInterface to lapack functions
 ||\*smoothed_aggregation.hAlgebraic multigrid preconditoner based on smoothed aggregation
 |o*ainv.hApproximate Inverse (AINV) preconditioner
 |\*diagonal.hDiagonal preconditioner
 |o*gauss_seidel.hGauss-Seidel relaxation
 |o*jacobi.hJacobi relaxation
 |o*polynomial.hPolynomial relaxation
 |\*sor.hSuccessive Over-Relaxation relaxation
 o*array1d.h1D array of elements that may reside in "host" or "device" memory space
 o*array2d.h2D array of elements that may reside in "host" or "device" memory space
 o*complex.hComplex numbers
 o*convert.hMatrix format conversion
 o*coo_matrix.hCoordinate matrix format
 o*copy.hPerforms (deep) copy operations between containers and views
 o*csr_matrix.hCompressed Sparse Row matrix format
 o*dia_matrix.hDiagonal matrix format
 o*elementwise.hElementwise operations on matrices
 o*ell_matrix.hELLPACK/ITPACK matrix format
 o*format_utils.hVarious matrix utility functions
 o*functional.hDefines templated convenience functors analogous to what is found in thrust's functional
 o*hyb_matrix.hHybrid ELL/COO matrix format
 o*linear_operator.hAbstract interface for iterative solvers
 o*monitor.hMonitor iterative solver convergence
 o*multiply.hMatrix multiplication
 o*permutation_matrix.hA permutation matrix
 o*print.hPrint textual representation of an object
 o*sort.hSpecialized sorting routines
 o*transpose.hMatrix transpose
 \*verify.hValidate matrix format