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cusp::constant_array< ValueType > Class Template Reference

Detailed description

template<typename ValueType>
class cusp::constant_array< ValueType >

Specialized array1d_view wrapping thrust::constant_iterator.

Template Parameters
ValueTypeconstant array element type.
The constant_array view is a simple wrapper around constant_iterator.
See Also
// include cusp array1d header file
#include <cusp/array1d.h>
#include <cusp/print.h>
int main()
// Define the constant array of length 4 with value 3
// [3,3,3,3]

Definition at line 612 of file array1d.h.

#include <array1d.h>

Inheritance diagram for cusp::constant_array< ValueType >:
cusp::array1d_view< thrust::constant_iterator< ValueType > >

Public Methods

 constant_array (size_type size, ValueType value)
- Public Methods inherited from cusp::array1d_view< thrust::constant_iterator< ValueType > >
 array1d_view (void)
 array1d_view (ArrayType &v)
 array1d_view (InputIterator begin, InputIterator end)
array1d_viewoperator= (const array1d_view &v)
reference front (void) const
reference back (void) const
reference operator[] (size_type n) const
 Subscript access to the data contained in this array1d_view. More...
iterator begin (void) const
iterator end (void) const
size_type size (void) const
size_type capacity (void) const
void resize (size_type new_size)
 Resizes this array1d_view to the specified number of elements. More...
view subarray (size_type start_index, size_type num_entries)
void swap (array1d_view &v)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Members inherited from cusp::array1d_view< thrust::constant_iterator< ValueType > >
size_type m_size
size_type m_capacity

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<typename ValueType>
cusp::constant_array< ValueType >::constant_array ( size_type  size,
ValueType  value 

This constructor creates a constant_array with a given size starting and value

sizeThe number of entries.
valueThe constant value to repeat.

Definition at line 631 of file array1d.h.