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cusp::norm_functor< T > Struct Template Reference

Detailed description

template<typename T>
struct cusp::norm_functor< T >

norm_functor is a function object that computes the norm of a given element.

Tis a model of Assignable, and if x is an object of type T, then x=c must be defined and must have a return type that is convertible to T.
norm_functor is a function object. Specifically, it is an Adaptable Unary Function. If f(c) is an object of class norm_functor<T>, and x is an object of class T, then f(x) returns norm(x).
#include <cusp/array1d.h>
#include <cusp/print.h>
int main()
// create an array with 5 entries from (0,-2) to (4,-2)
cusp::counting_array< cusp::complex<float> > count(5, cusp::complex<float>(0,-2));
// allocate size of transformed output array
cusp::array1d<cusp::complex<float>,cusp::host_memory> v(5, 0);
// compute output vector as transform of tens
thrust::transform(count.begin(), count.end(), v.begin(), cusp::norm_functor< cusp::complex<float> >());
// v = [4, 5, 8, 13, 20]

Definition at line 740 of file functional.h.

#include <functional.h>

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Public Methods

__host__ __device__
cusp::norm_type< T >::type 
operator() (const T &t) const